The project, that once arranged a rave under the water tower, raises money for the post-production of the movie about Yelnya


Author: Anastasia Runets

Photo courtesy of KURS: RA project

Stickerpack, promotion strategy and night trip for helping the project

Last summer, the KURS:RA team, along with DJ Modd, representative of the British label Anjunadeep, was in Yelnya. Just in case, we remind you that Yelnya is in fifth place in the rating of the largest swamp complexes in Europe and is a very important object from an environmental point of view. It covers an area of 25 301 hectares (just try to imagine it), on which 118 lakes are located. In addition, 130 species of birds live there, among which there are very rare.

So, KURS:RA made a film about this, and at that time Modd flew over the swamps in a balloon and played an electronic set. Now the project is raising money for the post-production of this film, and we see several reasons at once why it is worth supporting:


Во-первых, это красиво. Вы точно не раз фотографировали закат над озером, а в Ельне 118 (!) озер, и выглядит это просто великолепно. Если не верите, посмотрите фотографии ниже. First of all, it is beautiful. You definitely took pictures of the sunset over the lake more than once, and there are 118 (!) Lakes in Yelnya, and it looks just great. If you don't believe us, check the photos below.


Secondly, it is interesting. An ornithologist, swamp expert, travel blogger and other people who have something to tell you took part in the filming of the film.


Thirdly, this hasn't happened before. Well, when was the last time a British label DJ flew in a balloon over a Belarusian swamp?

The presentation of the film and the DJ set is scheduled for February 13, and you can get on it, including by participating in the crowd campaign. One of the lots is an invitation to a private show, and there is also a sticker pack, yoga, a night trip and you can even develop a creative promotion strategy for them.

KURS:RA is a musical video project whose team, through music, draws attention to the environment and social issues.

“We chose this method, because the beauty of the swamps is especially visible in the sky,” says KURS: RA. - And this is a good news feed. Agree, finding out what a dj-set in a swamp sounds not as interesting as a dj-set over a swamp in a balloon. Our task is to tell who and how is protecting the swamps now, so that people (or businesses) have an understanding of how this is happening, who can be helped and why it is interesting to deal with. We haven’t released anything yet, but we have already attracted a blogger and more than 100,000 people have learned that swamps are beautiful and there is a need to protect them.

You can follow the news in the Instagram-account of the project.